Many small hotels in Hotels in Chanthaburi

Chanthaburi is started to be known as the province of the beach with many nice resorts and hotels. Before people don’t normally think of Chanthaburi when they want to go to the beach, they would just recall of Pattaya, Chonburi or Koh Semet, Rayong and that’s it. They don’t think further to Chanthaburi or Trat. But now, there are many resorts and hotels for the customers who want to relax at the beach and apparently Chanthaburi seems to be the new place for the tourists who love the beach now.

From my own observation, Chanthaburi is not that well known compare to Koh Samet or Pattaya. Don’t talk about the foreign tourists because I didn’t see any by the time I was there. I think it’s a great province in a way that the weather is not as hot as other provinces because it rains most of the time and because of the rain, it makes Chanthaburi becomes the province with a lot of fruits whole year long. There are many fruit shops along the way of the road in Chanthaburi and the fruits seem to be a must-have thing when the tourists go there.

Privacy in Chanthaburi

Let’s talk about the beaches in Chanthaburi, I don’t think the beach is the highlight thing to promote about Chanthaburi but more about the privacy and the quietness that the tourists will get from the beach in Chanthaburi especially during the weekdays. The sea is not as clear as the sea in the south of Thailand especially in Andaman sea part but the privacy is what you will never get from the beach in the south of Thailand because it’s always crowded and full with tourists all year long. I stayed in a hotel at Chanthaburi for 1 night at Chao lao Sawasdee Resort. The resort was nice and quiet but they don’t have their own kitchen to serve customers. So basically the customers have to go to the restaurant nearby to get food. I don’t know if it’s because of the weekdays or they never ever have restaurant service in their hotel. By the way, I enjoy the privacy I had there and the room was not at all. Oh, everything seemed fine with the resort stay until the last day before we left, Air con was not working so we decided to leave the resort faster than what we planned.

Many Hotels in Chanthaburi

There are about 100 resorts along the beach of Chanthaburi but each resort is small. Some resorts can have only 10 guests or so because they have 5 – 6 rooms only. If you are looking for nice 5 stars hotel like Hilton, Holiday Inns and others, you are looking for the wrong place to spend your holiday because Chanthaburi has none of that. I would suggest you to book in advance in case it’s long holiday period but if not, booking is not necessary at all. There will be plenty of room for you.

The price of the resorts in Chanthaburi starts from 300 baht up to 3000 baht per night. So it’s perfect for backpackers as well.

In conclusion, Chanthaburi will be a perfect place for someone who can have only short holiday for 2 – 3 days and prefer somewhere quieter than Pattaya, Hua Hin or Samet


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