The Phoenix Hotel Review

In our past experiences, we’ve always noticed that the hotels near the airport are quite expensive. We were pleasantly surprised though when we found out that it’s a different case in Bangkok. We booked a standard room through agoda for about 25 US Dollars. It includes round trip airport pick up already! We weren’t expecting much because we didn’t pay much for this hotel. When we arrived in Bangkok right before midnight we didn’t have a hard time finding the
free shuttle service. A lot of tourists also chose this hotel maybe because of it’s location.
The driver was very polite and in less than 10 minutes we arrived at the hotel.
The location is not that impressive. It’s near the residential area and you can see a lot of people
on the streets. But the hotel is fine. It’s nice and the staff were really friendly and helpful.
The rooms were newly renovated and quite spacious. Our room has a ref inside and some snacks. Everything was complete aside from the fact that they didn’t give us free toothbrush and toothpaste. But you can buy that in the lobby.

In the lobby you can also use the computer for free.The wifi connection is not stable in our room so we decided to go down and use the lobby computer. They are also selling soft drinks at  reasonable prices. We also saw an entertainment room being assembled. The receptionist said that xbox will be available for guests in the near future.

There’s not much to see outside the hotel. There’s a cafe near the area and it’s quite comfy.
But aside from that there aren’t anything interesting to see.

Before sleeping that night, we called the front desk to remind them to give us a wake up call. The wake up call was on time and they gave us a free ride going to the airport again.

All in all our stay in this hotel was pleasant and we highly recommend this hotel to budget travelers.

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